Which are the best smartphones to less than 200 euros?

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Which are the best smartphones to less than 200 euros?

Post by scarface » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:20 pm

Selection updated on 08/12/2017. Acquiring an effective Smartphone less than 200 €, it is possible in 2017. Some of these smartphones "at cheap" present even refinements hitherto reserved for machines more upscale. To facilitate your purchase, we have selected the best proposals for less than 200 euros.

Purchasing guide updated on December 08 with the entry of the Samsung J3 cuvée 2017 in our ranking.

No more smartphones with unworthy technical specifications or disappointing user experience, if the challenge was impossible, there is now a good smartphone to less than 200 €.
The segment of smartphones "at cheap" has matured and now there are balanced machines that can cover most uses correctly. A competition between the manufacturers which stimulated this market particularly disputed, with logically many references available, more or less successful.

Also, faced with the avalanche of smartphones marketed on this price list the choice is not easy. Definition and quality of the display, aptitude for the photo, autonomy and performance even finish and perceived quality, we have passed these machines more really low-cost to the grinder.

Here, for this month of March / April, our recommendations to find the best smartphone less than 200 €.

The choice

Lenovo Moto G5
Over the years, the Moto G has established itself as one of the smartphones of reference around 200 euros. In 2017, Lenovo has been able to upgrade the Moto G5 by opting for an aluminum finish and adding a fingerprint sensor while lowering the price just under 200 €. With eight-core chips and a beautiful 5 inch Full HD panel, bright and contrasting, this G5 currently has the best performance / compact / price ratio on the market. The autonomy is correct with a day and a half and the machine has the merit of offering the latest version of Android (Nougat) delivering a pleasant and fluid experience. Last asset, a globally satisfactory photo capture, which is rarely the case on smartphones of this price. We have here the best phone less than 200 euros of the moment.

Honor 5C
Since its tariff repositioning, this Honor 5C in 5.2 inches should catch your eye. A smartphone does not forget the essentials with a full HD screen mastered performance surprising and even superior to the big brother Honor 7 and honest autonomy. If the photo is not the prerogative of these smartphones less than 200 euros, the 5c is however a bit better than the direct competition. Honor has undeniably managed once again to offer a high-performance phone for a limited price, and all this in advantageous materials such as aluminum.

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)
The Samsung J3 ticks the main boxes of what you can expect from a smartphone first prize: latest version of Android, correct photos and a one-day battery life. Compared to J3 2016, this new model increases the storage limit on microSD card from 128 to 256 GB and it loads a processor a little more powerful. Similarly, the photo sensors evolve to 13 mpx (f / 1.9) at the rear and 5 at the front. Despite these improvements, Samsung could have done much better with this new version of the Galaxy J3 and we believe a Moto G5 with its Full HD screen, its larger RAM and its superior photo skills will remain a more relevant choice. The J3 however remains a good value proposition at Samsung.

Motorola Moto E4
Motorola knows how to produce excellent entry-level smartphones such as the Moto G5 and G5 Plus. His last, the Moto E4, offers a very attractive technical sheet: Android Nougat 7.1, fingerprint reader, removable battery, flash for self-portraits, all in a format close to a rather plump iPhone 7. If the screen is fairly average against a Galaxy J3, the readability remains correct. On the other hand, facing his rival Samsung, his shots are more detailed and realistic. An excellent machine less than 150 €.

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)
There are not many smartphones that can compare to the Samsung Galaxy J3. This 5 inch is really affordable and it was more efficient and enduring than we expected. If it only has a 720p definition, Samsung has implemented a very good Super AMOLED panel on its low-cost machine. A techno gage of excellent contrast usually reserved for more upscale machines. Low-cost but well assembled and made from materials giving a good feeling of solidity. On this J3, we forget the photo confined to use in daylight, the 8 megapixel capable of shooter in Full HD is clearly bad in low light. Remain less than 150 €, the value proposition is more than honorable.

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