Looking for programs to freeze the trial period of all kinds of software

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Looking for programs to freeze the trial period of all kinds of software

Post by Bravo » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:19 am

Good afternoon to all members of the forum.
I'm looking for programs to freeze or rollback the trial period of various kind of desktop software (for Windows 10) on the date of installation. I need to extend the trial period of MyBase.
I would like to get the installation files of various programs for myself so that in future you can select the appropriate program or choose an option that allows you to cope with the rollback of MyBase, if not all the options will cope with the rollback of MyBase.

In the network there is mention of such variants as RunAsDate or Time Stopper, mentions of all sorts of Trial-Time-Frisers, these are programs that roll back OS system time during the start of the target program for the time of the active trial period, but to download a working version of at least one from such programs I could not.
Required all sorts of similar programs running under Windows 10 - 64bit

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Re: Looking for programs to freeze the trial period of all kinds of software

Post by scarface » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:38 am

Hi. i recommend you Registry Trash Keys Finder
Registry Trash Keys Finder (hereinafter RTKF, TrashReg) is a special tool for cleaning the Registry. The main purpose of the program is to remove the Windows registry keys that have already become unnecessary for your operating system. Many programs leave the keys they create in the registry, even after using the special uninstallers supplied with the same programs. RTKF allows you to decide for yourself whether it is worth leaving the keys found, or they should be deleted.

An additional effect of such cleaning of the Registry (and this may be for some users the main purpose of using the program) is to extend the term of familiarization with some programs that have limitations on their work time and / or the number of launches (trial versions).

However, RTKF is not a crack, but a small addition to another registry software. TrashReg does not commit any actions that violate license agreements about the use of those programs, "remains" of which it finds: no program files are modified or decompiled, no monitoring of the actions of programs by various monitoring tools is performed either. Of course, the program does not distribute any serial codes that remove the limitations in these programs. Eventually, when searching in your Registry, TrashReg does not even suspect where and when the above-mentioned trial versions of the software were installed on your computer, which secretly created some entries in the Registry from you. Therefore, as a user of the Registry Trash Keys Finder, you simply perform garbage collection inside your Registry.

[url=http://www.trashreg.com/download/trashreg394rus.zip]Download the program >>>>[/url]

or check the [b]run as date[/b] in google
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