Windows 10 ARM: the autonomy will not be affected by Win32 software

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Windows 10 ARM: the autonomy will not be affected by Win32 software

Post by scarface » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:10 pm

Windows and Qualcomm recently formalized the arrival of Windows 10 PCs equipped with ARM processors with a range never reached on this type of device. As models will only be available in the spring a number of questions arise, some have been answered.

Among the legitimate doubts, the presence of Windows 10 S on these PCs, a version that only allows to install applications from the Microsoft Store. However the user has the option to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. Will this announced autonomy of 20 hours in operation for a laptop PC depend on the use of these universal applications from the store, or will it be the same when we install conventional office software called " Win32 "?

The answer comes through the Neowin site who was able to talk with a Qualcomm representative. The latter ensures that the type of application used, whether universal from the Microsoft Store or downloaded Win32 software, will not impact the performance more than it does on laptops with Intel processor. In other words, the autonomy will be better in all cases with Snapdragon.
32 and 64 bit compatibility

The specific operation of this type of processor mobilizes the energy differently depending on the tasks requested. Thus the device uses parts of the processor that consume less energy for light tasks such as retrieving notifications. We logically find the same type of optimization as on smartphone since it is the same type of processor.

The other question arises from this point and concerns the use of 32- or 64-bit Win32 applications. Is the emulation used to run Windows 10 with this type of processor any compatibility issues? Again Qualcomm's answer is clear: if it works with an Intel processor, it will also work with an ARM processor.

As the site says on its article, it will be necessary to wait until next spring to take in hand these devices under Snapdragon 835 and thus to lift the last doubts. On the other hand the most skeptical will allow the first models to prove their worth while waiting for the arrival of the next generation of Windows 10 ARM PC that will be equipped with the latest Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 845.

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